What is jkf wadokai



JKF Wadokai is currently the largest karate organisation in Japan. It was established in 1934 by Hironori Otsuka (1892 - 1982). Otsuka trained in old style Judo, Kendo and traditional Jujutsu before he began his Karate practice in 1922. He spent over ten years learning Karate before establishing himself as an independent instructor around 1934 teaching at 9 university clubs across Tokyo. He became a leader in the post-1945 re-establishment of Karate practice when Karate began to spread across Japan and then overseas. He trained a number of skilled students who became the leaders in the Wadokai organisation.


Wadokai technique is a fusion of the original Okinawan Karate taught in Tokyo during the 1920's and what we now know as Kobudo (old style Judo, Jujutsu and Kendo). The techniques are predominantly from Karate but the method of movement, the principles and tactics, are heavily influenced by his Kobudo training. So for example, rather than rely upon heavy body conditioning and strength, we use speed, timing and body movement to counter the opponent's attacks.


At its core, Wadokai Karate-do consists of 10 kihon (basic techniques) 9 kata (solo practice forms) and 10 kihon kumite (basic pair forms). In practise there are many more techniques and methods used in training and these will tend to reflect the preference of individual teachers and dojo.


JKF Wadokai is unique in the international Karate world. It is a democratic organisation run for its membership. It has an executive board and technical board, both comprised of senior practising Karate-ka.

The technical committee set standards and review practise. They lead seminars and oversee the Dan grading system. Dan grade awarded by JKF Wadokai are subject to a technical grading which is peer assessed by a panel of senior karate-ka. This system operates up to and including 8 Dan level. 


JKF Wadokai has its HQ office in central Tokyo and issues branch status to dojo around the world, subject to the branch having, or being sponsored by a recognised JKF Wadokai Dan grade. 

Members can participate in national and international competitions and seminars  and a friendly international community has grown up through these events.