About Us

Our Club

Established in 2003, we are a small, dedicated group who meet weekly throughout the year. We welcome new members from age 14 upwards. 

All classes are led by our qualified and experienced instructors:

Ben Pollock - 6th Dan JKF Wadokai

Kevin Pinkerton - 2nd Dan JKF Wadokai

The club is a not-for-profit arrangement with any surplus reinvested to club activity. We charge a fixed monthly fee for training and waive this for the first few lessons for new joiners.


We are committed to teaching, learning and training authentic JKF Wadokai Karate-do. 

We maintain strong links with our teachers in Japan and try to follow their method of practice in our dojo.


Our karate comes from the methods taught in the dojo of the three Shihan of JKF Wadokai - Hakoishi sensei, Arakawa sensei and Takagi sensei